About RABIA Z : fashion designer from DUBAI

Working towards a dream of creating everyday design solutions and styles for the Muslim women around the world, Rabia signs in trends with tradition weaving in her tapestry of Emirati-Afghani heritage. Elegant everyday solutions with impeccable finish and finesse of form provide the catalyst behind Rabia’s creativity.
With a personal understanding of challenges faced by women who chose to veil in countries where Muslims are a minority, Rabia seeks to create ensembles that represent the freedom of expression v/s oppression. This coupled with the intense desires of sharing moderate, modern and modest designs,drives Rabia’s contemporary collections.

A Business Graduate from University of Phoenix & Nassau Community College NYC, Rabia earned fashion certifications from F.I.T. New York and Esmod. Winning the ‘Emerging Designer Award’ for her debut collection in October 2007at Dubai Fashion Week, she also earned the British Council's 'International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2008' award for UAE & GCC.
Master classes with Sir Paul Smith and retail management training at TOPSHOP & SELFRIDGES helped her realize her fashion ideology.Understanding the enormity of the challenge she had taken on, Rabia trained herself in developing design solutions that combine the classic with contemporary, using silhouettes that are fashionable yet functional, catering to the needs of women who seek to dress with style - yet within the realms of modesty.

By recognizing the needs of her Muslim sisters globally, Rabia has earned appreciation from the public andmedia across the world. Invited to showcase at Abu Dhabi Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Creations Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Fiesta, Fashion Expo Arabia, Rabia’s signature design shave been acquired by Sharjah Museum of Islamic Arts & Culture. She is also one of the five leading designers invited to show in London at the Arabian Fashion World. In March, 2010, Rabia was the first Muslim designer to showcase her contemporary conservative styles & veils in an American Fashion Week - at Miami Fashion Week, styled yet again by famous celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster. In May, Rabia Z. was especially invited by Gargash Enterprises to participate at the Mercedes Benz Launch of the Exclusive SLS-AMG at a V.V.I.P lifestyle fashion show to create contemporary looks keeping the car as an inspiration.

Speaking at 5th World Islamic Economic Forum’s Young Leaders Session, Rabia is a torch bearer whose ideas on innovative market strategies, has her tagged as one of the100 Most Powerful Arab Personalities by Arabian Business News. Invited to create a showstopper for the Arabian Barbieas apart of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Rabiais also a speaker for leadership conferences :-London’s Creative Arab Women Conference; British Council’s Global Youth Forum in Dubai; Arab Women Leadership Panel of Columbia University’s Barnard College along side other esteemed women leaders like H.H. Sheikha Lubna Al- Qassimi. In October of 2010, Rabia has been invited to speak along side prominent women such as Melinda Gates, H.H. Sheikha Lubna Al-Qassimi and others at the World Women’s Conclave in Qatar.

Launching different lines to serve different audiences, ‘RUBY’ is her high street label, showcased in a special designer collaborative event at SPLASH Dubai. Rabia Z. is working towards developing an offering for Muslim women across the world: Sheyla / Scarf Salon, offering moderate solutions to veiling after global research.

The international media covered Rabia extensively; featuring her in prestigious publications and TV channels including BBC World News, CBS News, Time magazine, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, New York Times, CNN, CNBC Arabia, Elle, Marie Claire, OK Magazine, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar,Vogue, and many others, including Award winning documentary ‘DoBuy-The Fabric of Faith’ that reveals her very personal journey to offer modern yet modest solutions. In a very short span of time the Rabia Z. has swiftly become a name that women find style and moderation in.


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